Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

Our massage studio is located at 3 Pierce Street in Framingham, MA 01702. Our entrance is in the back of the building on the lower level. Heading east bound on rt. 9 take a right onto Pierce Street after Walter Dyer is Leather. Just look for the large number 3 on the side of the building. Our entrance is on the lower level around the back of the building next to Sign A Rama. Parking is available in the back of the building.

Most of our outdoor fitness sessions are held at local parks within a 10 mile radius of the massage studio. For details on specific outdoor fitness locations contact Jon@WellnessAsRx.com.

What are your hours?

We are open by appointment only.

Massage hours:

Monday 2pm-930pm
Tuesday 9am-930pm
Wednesday 1pm-930pm
Thursday 9am-930pm
Friday 9am-330pm

Personal Training and Endurance Coaching hours:

*limited hours are available by special request

Do you offer couples massages?

We do not. However, we can sometimes schedule back to back sessions.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment online at our Schedulicity page.

If you can’t find a time that fits your schedule give us a call. We’ll try our best to fit you in at a time that works for you. You can reach us at 508-658-2779. Please leave a message if we don’t answer and we will return your call as soon as we can.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final for any package or service purchased through Wellness As Rx. Package deals are not transferable and can only be used by the individual that they were purchased for. Wellness As Rx reserves the right terminate any service or package due to inappropriate client behavior. Wellness As Rx also reserves the right to redeem any package deal or voucher and/or require payment for any “no show” or appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Massage Therapy:

What should I wear during a massage?

For most massage treatments (such as Swedish or deep tissue), you will need to undress to your level of comfort (most clients prefer no clothing at all). You will be covered with sheets and towels at all time except for the area being worked on.

For traditional Thai Massage, you will need to wear or bring clothes that allow you to be comfortable and flexible a such as  gym or yoga clothes, shorts, sports bra, etc. 

Is draping required?

Yes, draping is required by law. The area being covered by draping is dependent on the clients comfort and the massage modality. The following are examples of draping used:

Swedish or Deep Tissue – typical western draping (You will be covered with sheets and towels at all time except for the area being worked on)

Traditional Thai Massage – client remains clothed

Lomi Lomi – small towel covers pelvic area and gluteal cleft (traditionally without chest draping, clients choice)

Modern Russian – European draping (similar to western draping, traditionally without chest draping, clients choice)

European Thai Fusion – western/European draping

Prenatal – typical western draping (You will be covered with sheets, towels, and pillows at all time except for the area being worked on)

Should I tell my therapist about any medical conditions, medications, or allergies?

Yes, please let us know about any injuries, surgery, sore areas, allergies, etc. prior to starting the session. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

What if something embarrassing happens?

There is no need to feel embarrassed. Occasionally clients stomachs grumble, they pass gas, fall asleep, drool, snore, or get an erection. Your massage therapist is a trained professional and understands that these are all natural body functions.

Should I talk during a massage?

Some clients like to remain silent while others like to talk during their session… It’s up to you.

Is there music?

Yes, we play quiet and soothing music. The volume can always be adjusted to your liking and we will always try to accommodate any special requests.

What happens if I’m late for my appointment?

If you are running late please call or email us as soon as possible.  We will do our best to work within the scheduled time for your session.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask that you give at least a 24 hour notice when cancelling an appointment. You will be charged the full value of your session for any “no show” or cancellation less than 24 hours from the start time of your appointment.

Should I tip?

Gratuities are always appreciated for work well done. If you are redeeming a voucher from Amazon local or Groupon please keep in mind that Wellness As Rx only receives about 50% of the amount you paid for your massage. Please tip your therapist based on the full value of your treatment

 Personal Training:

Where are personal training sessions held?

Personal training and endurance training sessions are typically held at local parks or at clients homes.

Do I have to be shape already?

Nope, we can work with anyone regardless of your current fitness level.

What if it’s raining or snowing out?

Fitness training is typically held rain or shine unless it is severe enough to be unsafe.

Do I need to know how to swim to have a triathlon or swimming session?

Yes, you need to be able to swim at least 100 feet. We’ll be glad to help you with your confidence and proper form.

I currently don’t run at all. Can you help me train for a 5K?

Of course, That’s what we do.

Can you help me lose weight?

We have training plans for everything from weight loss to running a marathon.


What is plant-based nutrition?

A diet that contains no animal product (dairy, eggs, poultry, meat, or fish).

How do I know if it’s right for me?

People are often worried about any dietary change. Following a plant-based diet is one of the best things you can do for your health and the environment. We are here to help you along the way. Most of our meal plans include free unlimited email support.


Do you offer any special events at your studio?

Occasionally we have different events going on at our studio such as massage classes, running clinics, figure drawing, documentary films, motivational speakers, nutrition presentations, and more. If you are interested in of these types of events please email info@WellnessAsRx.com for details.


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